A rigorous due diligence process is employed by Hudson that ensures both a strategic and quantitative approach to the selection of suitable construction projects and that each project selected fits well within our groups capabilities.


Once a project has been identified, the processes adopted in undertaking the design and construction of that project are fundamental to achieving a successful outcome.

At Hudson, we understand the impact that early involvement in the project planning stage can have on the overall success of the project. When we are invited to be involved in the early stages of a project, we are better able to apply the processes and internal procedures that minimise project risks whilst maximising the benefits of a collaborative effort.

It is in these key early stages of a project that we are able to add value to our clients by firstly identifying risks and then by providing practical solutions based upon proven design and construction processes.

Another key process at Hudson is the way we in which we manage the final few weeks of a project prior to handover and how those processes, coupled with our ‘no defects’ delivery target, results in a product aimed at exceeding our client expectations.

Our commitment to developing and maintaining strong client relationships with our clients means that we are often invited to be involved in the early stages of a development project, thereby maximising the value we are able to provide by instilling the right philosophy, people and process to best suit the requirements of each individual project.

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